Licensure Pass Rate Reports
Associate Degree Nursing2018100NCLEX - Statewide Average87.69
Associate Degree Nursing201795NCLEX - Statewide Average84.96
Associate Degree Nursing201696.15NCLEX - Statewide Average81.12
Associate Degree Nursing2015100NCLEX - Statewide Average79.51
Associate Degree Nursing201479.31NCLEX - Statewide Average77.18
Associate Degree Nursing201383.78NCLEX - Statewide Average80.16
Associate Degree Nursing201293.88NCLEX - Statewide Average89.86
Associate Degree Nursing201189.58NCLEX - Statewide Average85.33
Associate Degree Nursing201095NCLEX - Statewide Average85.52
Associate Degree Nursing200986.27NCLEX - Statewide Average87.62

Additional program data available by clicking the page numbers of the chart above, presented in alphabetical order.

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Associate Degree Nursing

Massage Therapy

Medical Laboratory Technician

Physical Therapist Assistant

Practical Nursing

Radiologic Technology

Respiratory Therapy

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